Love, peace, abundance, health, bliss–how to get it all.

Here I am.   How can I make a difference before I leave? …the time is now.

Lotutopia is my dreamscape concept of a community based on yogic values…a vision of a better tomorrow.

I have a 4 year old daughter called: Ginger-Soleil, and I want to do what I can to change the world now–so that she, and all the children of the earth inherit a planet already enroute to repair.

We have started, in earnest,  becoming “model-lifestylers” about 6 months ago…and by “model-lifestylers” I mean living the way we all know we ought…

with care for our environment,  care for eachother, and care for ourselves.

I am motivated to blog our family’s transformation from relatively normal, unconscious-consumer citizens, to “model lifestylers”–“pace setters”–“social shifters” in an effort to help accelerate the positive changes in human lifestyles that is not only neccessary, but inevitable and is already in progress….so, chin up, take a deep breath and lets get on board…

It all began when I picked up a book on Yoga…which showed me that it actually all began many years before that, on rooftop in Pokhara, Nepal….


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