About us

I hope this blog gets read by you and your friends.

I hope it inspires you to make changes in your life as we make changes in ours, I hope it  helps you discover happiness and freedom.

It is part of my contribution to the “shift in consciousness” that all humanity will eventually, inevitably have to move towards….is moving towards.

A shift that enables us to see our globe, our selves,  and each other… as  the ONE  indivisible living organism that we are.

Energized and activated by LOVE… and understood thru yoga ( and your religion if you have one)

It is time to change humanity, I have the power to affect changeSO DO YOU.

If you don’t take care of the environment, how can you expect others to?

it all begins with you.

here is our journey.


(the light in me, greets the light in you, we are ONE in the light)


our new life& goals encapsulated in our new name & logo

click this image to see who we really are…


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