mmmmMedicine Noodle Soup (and healing mantras)

I must not be the first to have come up with this clever little moniker, I am sure someone must have referred to Chicken Noodle Soup as Medicine Noodle Soup before….But this vegan soup has nothing to do with that salt and fat-ladened concoction, with its starchy-glutenous-noodles and goodness-knows-what-else besides the sad chicken whose sole purpose in life was to suffer captivity only to end up suspended in a can of beige goo.

(unless, your mommy made it using only the very best of everything  around–then, its not all that bad....but, its not all that good either.)

My daughter is no longer hungry and unhappy.  She has spent the last 4 days struggling with an infection, but because we were gone to Vancouver for the last 3 days to go to the PNE it was untreated and really began taking its toll on her as we made the finally leg of the journey home.  Inspired to give her some relief (and possible cure) before we see the doctor tomorrow for the dreaded “ANTIBIOTICS” I devised a soup that I was sure I could get her to eat, with the broth being the most valuable & desired component.  This soup may or may not cure her, but its just got to be good for something…its got all the right stuff!!

And its pretty tasty too.

I regularly chant and try  to remain in grateful presence while preparing food, …Since this was for healing, I made it more spiritually involved that usual and I am recommending some mantras specific for healing…chant these mantras out loud, under your breath or in your head if you choose–However, my sense tells me, that blessing food should be done out-loud.

It will take about 30 minutes to serve this bowl of love to someone you love.


Listen to, and set intention with a Healing Mantra, some youtube examples are listed:

click for favorite Medicine Buddha Mantra,
click for Ra Ma Da Sa—the universal healing mantra

or simply:  inbreath=MA (universal love) //  outbreath=OM (universal light & harmony with life)

Soup Base:
simmer in fair amount coconut oil
fine minced organic garlic
fine minced organic ginger
fine minced organic onions
till softened (which I think may be overcooked for medicinal purposes…therefore we will augment with the same ingredients in the broth)

Main Medicine:

add cups of thanked & loved water
organic veggie broth cubes
large slices of fresh organic ginger root (can be remove before serving)
large slices of fresh organic turmeric (can be remove before serving)

(or add turmeric powder—go easy, its stronger than you think, Continue reading