MY GOAL IN LIFE: to live in love & be a superhero

My ultimate goal in life?

I have but one passion in life now…to work towards spiritual evolution for humanity, to do my best to help fix this planet and set it on a course for good for the benefit of my daughter Ginger, her children, and and all of your children, and their children beyond them.

I am striving to be a real life superhero, knowing superheros really are but a conduit for the flow of supernatural power, of universal power, or universal love…and they become powerful not by strength of might and determination, but ultimately by surrender, by letting go of ego, trusting and riding the waves instead of intellectually letting gross, material senses guide them, with their wants disguised as needs.

They realize that challenges are blessings moving them toward the goal; even if they cannot see the goal at the moment, obscured as it is sometimes by the haze of residual unconsciousness, their own maya. When their supernatural powers fade practice is the charge up station, knowing that with regular practice eventually they will be Tickety-Boo & up-and-running on a full tank soon enough.

They are able to live a life confident that the energy they put out there, will be returned in kind, and therefore, at a level of fearlessness that solidifies total resolve to the goal. Moreover, the vacuum created by this fearlessness is immediately filled with Love, even though it began with Love too, like a perpetual motion machine.

This is living in Love. This, and to teach others and to raise my child to do the same…is my goal.

What do I value the most?
I value all things that help me reach that goal. Such as, in no particular order:

The freedom of expression, and access to knowledge, particularly knowledge of yoga
Good health—eyes that see, body that works, voice and mind that function, painlessness, happiness
The Intelligence and various capacities of my mind to serve me.
The vast potential power of the infinite to tap into
The support of others who share the goal, who have worked towards that goal, ie; gurus and guides
The financial and practical means, including time, space & peace of mind, that support that goal

What practical steps do I take to achieve my goal:
I meditate and work on my own spiritual development and my ability to convey it to others
I do whatever is necessary to support myself so long as it allows me to pursue my goal
I live/model my goal (the principals & practices)
I take care of my health so it doesn’t impede on progress towards my goal
I teach Ginger, and others the principals and bring them a spiritual perspective on life
I remind myself, by writing things like this & by publicly announcing it, that this is my ONLY GOAL.

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