Green Beans, Eggplant & Chickpeas…vegan delite!

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This easy recipe is a healthy vegan option, it is not very precise–you can do more or less of everything…it is a take on a traditional Lebanese dish and is usually eaten HOT or COLD pinched in pita bread, but is nice on its own or on rice…the secret for the best taste is in copious amounts of alspice and letting it sit for a while, it tastes even better a day later!

In a wok or deep sauce pan fry 1C chopped SPANISH ONION in 1/4c of OLIVE OIL add plenty (6-8cloves) of CHOPPED GARLIC and continue simmering, when onions are soft and golden, add a couple of cups of CUBED EGGPLANT, trim and chop about 2 cups FRESH LONG GREEN BEANS add when eeggplant begins to soften; add 1 lg can or several DICED TOMATOES, and half can of TOMATO PASTE, add plenty of SALT & PEPPER & about 2-3 tbsp of ALSPICE, cover and simmer until beans are tender….adjust seasoning & serve.


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