Mexican “Lasagna” (gluten-free) & Burritos & Zesty Enchilada Sauce

1mexican lasagna ready
 METHOD (For more photos see Sun Lotus Yoga Sanctuary facebook page)

Cube yams & toss in olive oil, (optional: with crushed garlic) cayenne & chili powder, salt and pepper & roasted in oven tray until tender–25 minutes (these roasted yams make a tasty side dish on their own…)

note: sweet potatoes are yellowish, yams quite orange…often mislabelled

 Cook Quinoa 1:1 with boiled water, simmered on low until tender

 Make stuffing by mixing together:

Cooled roasted yams

cooled cooked quinoa(or brown rice)

frozen corn

black beans (i used canned, but you could soak and cook your own)

sliced black olives (these are the very mild canned ones)

diced sweet onions

diced red pepper (or any other sweet and/or spicy peppers)

shredded cheddar/jack cheese

lots of chopped cilantro leaf & stalk (-the stalk has more flavour than leaf sometimes)

couple of dashes of lime juice, salt and pepper



fry a fair amount of chopped garlic in puddle of olive oil, add fair amount of chili powder, after simmering for 5-10 minutes,

add jar of strained Italian tomatoes

add a tbsp or more of minced canned-chipotle peppers—(few seeds if any)

add dash of chipotle hot sauce (the vinegary kind)

after simmering for short time, remove from heat and add chopped cilantro

salt to taste


Method: beginning with thin layer of sauce, layer corn tortillas with cheese & filling & sauce,

Top last tortillas with borders of chipotle sauce, and a thick stripe of green tomatilllo salsa down the middle then sprinkle with cheese., bake for 30-40 minutes.


Alternative: wrap in whole wheat tortillas and wax paper and freeze stored in the old “tortilla bag”–defrost, heat for 30-40 minutes, top with enchilada sauce, green or red salsa, sour cream or plain yogurt



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