Asian Vegetarian Dumplings & Dip sauce

Dumpling satsang

We call this dumpling-satsang–spending the evening with young yogis, Sarah, Mandy & Jody making dumplings, listening to chant and chatting!

DUMPLINGS: (for more photos see our facebook link–soon…)

Buy pre-made dumpling wrappers at Asian food store made with flour, water, egg and little else.(not wonton wrappers)

Make a slaw of shredded cabbage, broccoli slaw, carrots, and a substantial amount of finely chopped green onions & substantial amount of chopped cilantro into a big bowl.

In frying pan simmer in order:
finely chopped/minced ginger and garlic in grapeseed or peanut oil; after 3-4 minutes
add finely diced mushroom (king oyster, crimini, whatever…) after they cook down 4-6 minutes
add combination of any: finely diced (or shredded) -tofu, -red peppers, -sweet peas or frozen peas; when softened ,
add cabbage slaw mix, after it wilts add, salt & pepper—-stir until wilted and remove from heat

fill dumplings by holding wrapper, smoothing water on half the lip, placing a large tablespoon of filling in center and pinching together the dry lip to the moist one, lay out finished ones on cutting board, place cutting board in freezer for a couple of hours then bag up your frozen dumplings for the future.

Cook from frozen by simmering gently in small amount of cooking oil (grapeseed or peanut) till both sides are crispy.

Serve with DIP SAUCE, combine to your liking:

balsamic vinegar, chili oil, sweet thai chili sauce & soya sauce (getting a nice balance of a sweet & sour, spicy, salty taste)

Serve with side of sliced avocados on top of brown basmati, drizzled with the same dip sauce and sprinkled with multi-colored sesame seeds (white, toasted, black)


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