Recipes from the Heart

Tomato Soup & Rice Bowls

Over the years I have created innumerable unique recipes to feed our family, friends and guests and I am constantly being told “you should write a cookbook”; but for years I have delayed it, printing out my recipes and/ or teaching them directly in my kitchen instead. However, today marks a new day in history, this is the day I begin compiling, photographing and posting some of my most requested and successful recipes for others to enjoy.
(I knew recipe books would be obsolete one day!)

What I like about cooking as opposed to baking, is the freedom to forgo measurements. Cooking is an art, not a science…its about being spontaneous and feeling it out—and using up what is in the fridge before it goes off!! (–truly, that’s important, waste is a shameful indulgence of western culture…and doesn’t fit with my yogic perspective) So, I apologize for not always providing measurements…I suggest relative amounts, I work by feel & customize to my own tastes…I suggest you do the same and you will be amazed at the results! I hope you can work with my recipes (you can always ask for more specifics if you want) and if you make alterations, please let me know how they worked out for you–I am always open to new ideas!

We are vegetarian yogis, so I don’t promote the consumption of sentient beings (shame, I had so many tasty meat recipes in the past…) Of course we recommend using the most conscious products you can find or afford: organic, gmo free, vegan etc; but its understandable if you don’t, today’s world doesn’t make it easy. Personally we still consume animal products cheese, milk etc–but I am sure you will find suitable substitutes if you don’t.

A good meal is a good excuse to gather around and share friendship, laughs and good times. I love cooking healthy, REALLY TASTY food, food that makes everyone say YUMMMMM (or AUMMMM if I have done an exceptionally good job…) What I have found to be the most important ingredient in all my meals is LOVE–So, I recommend to cook from your heart; people you love are going to eat your meals and imbibe whatever energy you have put into it, so think happy thoughts, sing, chant, meditate…Cook with love, I am not being trite, if you cook with love it always comes out right!


One thought on “Recipes from the Heart

  1. Really love this recipe idea!!! I can truly see it being very successful.  I didnt know you guys had become vegetarian s!!! I am vegan now and love it!!! Mind you has only been 2 weeks. Xo

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