divine Duncan yoga-fest

One day last spring,  I was sitting along the wall of a building on Canada Avenue soaking up the early sunset, waiting on Paul to finish up some business. While I sat there I meditated for a while. When I opened my eyes I had a vision of people doing yoga on the grass around  the train station…and felt a calling.

Not being a yoga instructor myself, I began to formulate a scheme in which I would “hire” a teacher to teach a free class on the grass. The paying of the teacher would be done thru a collective of individual or corporate sponsors who would be willing to each pay a portion of  the class, ensuring the teacher got at least $75. per class. The teacher could then put out a basket for donations and the class would be held on the grass, open to all who could or could not donate.

The nice thing about being one of the collective who paid for the class, would be knowing that you were giving a gift to the wider community.

(corporate sponsors could include: coffee on the moon, duncan garage, thrifties, insurance companies, banks…etc)

I also thought perhaps we could include several teachers, teaching different nights of the week (and offering different practices…including drumming and chanting and dance) and have it available every “nice weather evening” in the summer…just at sunset , or after-work or after-dinner.

I saw this as the first step to creating a whole new persona for the town of Duncan, imagine becoming known as Divine Duncan (better than Drunken…)

I also saw this as the first step towards creating a larger weekend Yoga Festival which “Sun Lotus” would sponsor and coordinate…this was before I saw Sun Lotus as a non-profit, but now it all makes so much sense!!

Reading up on the Tadasana Yoga Festival in Santa Monica recently has totally inspired me to revisit this concept.  I was called to host the little festival here 2 years ago, and I think that was just practice for the real thing!

This summer I would love to put this vision into action…and I wonder, would you like to join me?

As I finish this article, today May 2013 about 14 months after beginning it, I am astounded as to how life has unfolded in such as way as to make this vision come true.

Today, while working at Slice of Life Cafe, Longevity-John dropped in and I had a chance to ask about the prospects of doing free yoga on the grass at the train station. This vision is coming closer to reality since Paul is more than mid-way thru his 300hr yoga teacher training course, which we serendipitously won at the Victoria Yoga Conference earlier this year, and we have been operating as a yoga B&B for a couple of weeks with our first 3 very eager and encouraging participants from the UK. It has been an exhilarating experience to discover how much I love to teach yoga and meditation and how Paul is, in his own right, a wonderful yoga teacher with a unique laid back style. we have discovered so many new layers of ourselves already I cannot even imagine what the future holds!

Long-John was very enthusiastic, recommending that I begin with the advent of the summer festival which runs for 5 weeks and then hopefully continue on, he mentioned that it was good timing to talk to him as he is attending a festival planning meeting next week. This vision seems meant to be, and this seems to be the year it will happen…I cant wait to see it unfold and I hope to see you there!


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