Inspired to dance

While in India, I visited several vedic astrologers at Ammas ashram, including winning a prized, last-minute appointment with the “ashram shaman” Mohan who gave me some very interesting details about my life and several curious directives;  such as to “donate lemons and limes whenever the opportunity presents”–strangely enough, every summer I have an abundance of lemons and limes from weddings and I do already donate them to people; he told me to put these words on my wall above my bed “this too shall pass”–coincidentally(?) I have had those exact word written in chalk on a beam above my bed since last spring (although Paul had erased it, while I was gone) –He told me to donate school supplies/paper/pencils, the like–and just the previous day, I had donated all my arts supplies: paper, pens, pencils etc to a kids peace/art project (….there was plenty more, but that’s another story…) Until I met Amma, I never believed in astrology; but, because I  believe in Amma, and her sanctioning of astrologers to practice at her ashram implies that they are purveyors of truth, 2 days before I departed I spontaneously decided to book several appointments to get readings for both me and my family.

In my earnest quest to move along a positive path, I decided that I would listen carefully, be very present, believe wholly,  and follow as many directives as possible. So, immediately after my appointment with this “Shamanic astrologer” I planted an old silver trinket  under a neem tree, gave away some small electrical appliances, donated green clothing to a dark skin person, bought that red powder from the temple, and attempted to feed a vulture at the Trivandrum zoo…One of the things the astrologers suggested, after knowing there were issues between Paul and I,  was that I had a lot of sexual energy and that I should practice dancing to spiritual music to work through it or burn it off. (I think I knew this already…too)

When we do wedding viewings on Sundays,  we  spend the whole morning cleaning up the main lounge and surroundings–then Paul takes Ginger off-site for some fun, leaving me to do the work of selling weddings. When my viewings are done, I look around  the perfectly clean house, crank up some tunes and dance my heart out…through the years this is what I have always referred to as my “moment of  pure bliss”.  Ever since we moved to this house I have been trying to create a way to bring dance into our life on a regular basis….although I am not much of a dancer, I have always been a firm believer in the power of dance to harmonize my mind, body and soul, and to bring me energy, health and happiness.   I have held the occasional small dance parties (equipped with belly dance attire) for my female-volunteers and friends; and have hosted a weekly kundalini dance class in the summer, I have invited Zumba teachers to use my space and I have even fantasized  about a weekly alcohol-free community dance party.

In the past I have experienced a very lame yoga-dance class; a phenomenal, but esoteric kundalini/chakra dance class; a really fun & energetic zumba dance class ; and several formal belly dance classes.   But I have not found the perfect dance class that suits all my criteria. Since studying & practicing  yoga,  I have had a recurring thought to develop and offer a totally unique style of  yoga-dance class. One that would fit all my criteria to make a perfect yoga & exercise class…bearing  in mind,  that I am no way a great dancer–nor a yoga-asana teacher…yet this thought has consistenly and persistently popped into my head on numerous occasions…so when the astrologer suggested that I needed to danceI knew he totally right.

So, since I’ve come home, I have been avidly listening to “Sacred Sounds Radio” during the day and writing down the names of  artists and songs that I would love to collect for this spiritual-dance-practice…and thinking,  “yes…, it would be good to deal with some of this pent up energy”–which I suspect is manifesting itself in an over-consumption of cheese products–oh yeah, I am also trying to get the hang of being  a dedicated vegetarian;  not only because the astrologer said so–but, he did put the final nail in the meat-eater’s coffin.  Besides, being vegetarian and dancing both fit well within this winter’s mandate of getting in shape! (44 is bearing down on me…only a few days to go…and if I want to move into yoga retreats this summer, I really want to walk the walk…)

I don’t have the money to go to hot yoga at the moment; and for years, I have been chastising myself for not being disciplined enough to create a personal practice that I can stick to. However,  since I’ve been home, I have been faithfully meditating every morning and faithfully using the elliptical trainer every afternoon–  Usually when I get on the trainer, I listen to “Radio Paradise” and breath my mantra MA AUM (with gratitude that  I can so easily pace this mantra  to my breath…) It’s extra motivation to get on the trainer, knowing I will be able to use my mantra and do some meditation at the same time.

Several days ago, alone in my living room with “Sacred Sounds Radio” blasting from the internet, and  heavenly-rose incense burning  in my plants. A remarkable set of spiritual songs came on that really got me dancing  and stretching and remembering the Astrologer’s suggestion. I cranked it up really loud, and for more than a hour, got totally lost in the dancing, stretching  and chanting all by myself, but feeling very tapped-in.  Suddenly a complete methodology for a  dance practice came to me.

I have since practiced this method every afternoon and am refining it daily.  I am finding the results both amazing and so inspiring that I am compelled to share it.   Keeping in mind that beyond the initial stretch series, there is no outside judgement, directives or corrections given, therefore I heareby “krish– en” this new, unique-dance practice as:

(to be announced)

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