my life is my message

We had become total mind-dwellers; disconnected from our bodies and our spirits—which leads to all kinds of neglect…

(written quite a while ago…only published now)

When Paul and I first met we were both more yogic, we both did lots of physical activity on a daily basis, he biked, I  jogged. Jogging used to be my “yoga” (I hadn’t labeled it as such)  but, I always felt really happy and alive–and totally got out of my head for a while; and while jogging I felt that I did my “mental housework”–because I always had an increased state of mental clarity following a good jog.

Being so busy with setting up business for the last 7 years had totally made us into mind dwellers.

Here is proof that your mind can think but not be conscious—a few months ago I stepped on a scale and was blown away at my own weight, sure I knew I wasn’t as small as I used to be, but really “that weight!!!” no way, that can’t be right…Paul went thru the same scenario just recently.

How out of touch with your body  you can become when you are absorbed with the mundane of life!! Sure our minds have actually been in overdrive for years, but our consciousness had not been functioning!!

And that led to all kinds of neglect. Neglect of our own bodies, our joy, spirituality and each other.

Back when we were both more yogic;  I remembered that I thought I looked great. Yes, I was in good shape and younger–but, mostly I thought it was because I looked happy…and that happiness shone through my eyes.

Last fall I realized that  I had to get back to that—inner beauty based on happiness shining through eyes. I was becoming fearful of getting old—

My looks are going for sure, my fitness is in decline—but I recognized that true inner beauty never fades and could continue to shine if I only could spend the time to cultivate it…

I just had my 42 birthday and I am  shocked at how happy I am about it. If you told me when I turned 40 that I would be so happy on my 42 I would have found it incredibly hard to believe—at 40 and 41 I was falling prey to the mental-hazards or growing old in a visually based society where youth is paramount. Today I see it completely different.

Every 7 years, your body is renewed–every single cell has been replaced–this year I take that to heart and perceive myself as having a whole new body- I have just been born into my 7th body!! And with my spiritual awakening, I have come to realize my bigger purpose in life; with yoga-asana (postures) practice I know I can keep my body from tumbling down the steep slope of decay…instead I will just slowly pick my way down like a mule,  resisting it the whole way, thank-you!

We recently just watched “The Secret” and realized that we had already been practicing the method in most areas of our life (except a few). In fact, we realized that we had indeed manifested everything–by strong mental visualization, and by proceeding to feel the reality of our visualization coming to fruition. We have crafted our lifestyle. We have been the architects of our reality.

I realize that I, quite literally, have created the universe I live in.  Since I seem to have a handle on this skill, I want even more—bigger and better things, but not for myself…I want to change the world at large. You might think that is impossible or that I am too puny. I beg to disagree.

I am effecting changes in my small sphere and beyond. I am creating Lotutopia, more than 2000 people a year will come in close personal contact with it thru weddings, hundreds more as customers; and  how many might read this blog? Later my book?  Attend the Yoga Festival–we are hosting, or take part in the Shiva/Shaki dance phenomena, or come to our weekly neighborhood yoga class? I putting it out there in every direction possible…and the changes will happen.

Paul & I had been seeing a Chiropractor for a few years, last year I encouraged the Chiropractor to try hot yoga class…which he did for a while and enjoyed…then his attendance dropped off.  This winter after Paul started yoga, he hurt his back putting ginger in time-out. He returned to the Dr. and told him his intention to do as much yoga as he could do this winter–the doctor told him he must take a week off–but that regular practice will probably permanently cure his back issues. The following week, I saw the chiropractor back in yoga class again…I guess he needed a reminder !!

Yoga was a seed in my brain that was waiting to germinate, I always knew that yoga was my calling—even when I didnt know anything about it—literally. (I might have picked up a book on it in India 20 years ago, I must have–but, I guess I wasn’t  ready to absorb it, because I don’t really have any recollection of it …but it left a dormant seed in my brain.)

My life is my message. I know this now.  I am making history. I know I will effect change (large or small)—so recording it now is very important, because I will be able to look back and see the lessons I learned as I did it, how I did it—then I can accomplish even more change.

When I write a book from this information it will influence even more people. And make me lots of money—money isn’t evil—money is good, and it comes easily to me, when I have needed it it has always been there—from all kinds of sources—now that I need more to really manifest this huge mission, more is coming to me. Enough will always come to me because I create my own abundance through thoughts and actions that are right-actions, in harmony with who I am and my life’s purpose.

Eventually, I will build an addition on to our house which will help us, live more comfortably and be more able to concentrate, and by improving the feng shui of the interior space we will also be able to sell more weddings & influence more people..that will allow me to make more money, to do more good—to buy solar panels, develop the organic gardens, have more time to write, get completely green, and influence people even more. I will be a microcosm of what I want everyone to have, to be. How do I know that I will make history? Because I already have, and because I have the power of manifestation.

I need time and space to work on it, I need to keep picking up new books and reminding myself of my innate power, and focus my attention on the abundance of my life—which I can truthfully say is overflowing!

I look out at my mini universe—which is paradise by many standards—Jehovah’s Witness’s for instance, use an image which looks like my property, as their goal–when I pointed this fact out to my mom a JW–she said–“yes, but your’s doesn’t last forever” how pessimistic, how sad, how “not living in the moment”….

By living in, and staying attentive to, the present moment– I AM living in eternity—because the present is eternal—and I am alive—therefore I live in eternity…past and future are merely theoretical, they are in your mind only—you never actually live in them. Ever.

I have never held out hope for my Mom or Dad, as they are both so closed minded. My mom by way of her religion, and my Dad, by way of his Samskaras (illusions caused by the mind, which hide the reality of the blissful soul)…However, lately I have thought I might actually be able to penetrate my dad’s crust of illusions…here is an example of a conversation I had with him which highlights just a sliver of the trouble that pervades his life….a life of solitude, dwelling in the past, hatred for mankind, feeling victimized and a perception that the cards are stacked against him…I usually don’  t talk to him, its been years. But in the past couple of months I have had a couple of good conversations where I have been able to quell his nastiness and guide him to see things differently…but its difficult.

“hey Anita, I dug out this old report card of yours, from way back when, grade 2 maybe…you know what it says?” I am well aware of this notorious report card, this is my dads prized possession…he has saved it all this time and had brought it out on numerous occasions throughout my life… The teachers told him that I was such an unusually bright or exceptional child that they could exactly give me a numerical grade like the others…instead they just wrote some comments (not all of which are entirely positive I might add…) Well this just filled his ego to the brim!  Now he brings it out to show me how I have failed to live up to the potential that the teachers recognized long ago. How I have not become a brilliant and rich lawyer…how I am not a success, since I am not rich (the only definition of success in his mind)”

I guess you can see the magnitude of my challenge with him. I only hope his rage and loneliness don’t kill him before he has a chance to change.

If you have read up to here, reiterating my reponse is unnecessary.

My Life is My Message.



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