I am a Flower, I am a Song

I have just returned from 2 months in India; mostly I stayed with Amma (Shri Mata Amaritanandamyi Devi) a living satguru–I have not slept more than 12 hours in the last 4 days including my 50 hour journey time–I think this is what is keeping me awake… I did not receive this as a direct teaching from Amma, more like a transmission. I will write more about my experience meeting the amazing Divine Mother in the flesh, but for now, I want to share my encapsulated learning. This is a very important section of my book and I am so glad to have received it tonight. (please do not reprint it in any form–comments and suggestions are welcome) Not-coincidentally, I recall just now as I write this, that Amma doesn’t like people to pick flowers even to bestow at the feet of deities–a common custom in India. Overflowing with compassionate motherly love, she sees even that as an act of violence. Also, she says that singing devotional songs is one of the best/easiest ways to enlightenment…I sung many Bajans with Divine Mother and felt the incredible and unmistakable love in her amazingly poetic prose. There are so many miraculous ways that my The Book and Amma are aligned …I guess that’s why she called me home.


From space we are a single perceivable unit–Earth; from microscopic we are an infinite sea of molecular matter, space, and energy. From the mind we are “I”-ego, individual, seemingly entirely important and independant, perceiving and decisively reacting to an incredibly slim dimension of the impermanent illusion that masquerades as the whole of reality.

My spirit/energetic force can perceive and connect to the whole of actual reality if  “I” dissconnect from my mind’s limited sense perception. If I maintain that disconnection–and maintain the connection to the whole, then I achieve a higher conciousness–Enlightenment…and can live in a state of perfect-bliss, completely unattached to the illusion.

Simply unable to live unharmoniously because “I” no longer exist. “I” need nothing, want nothing, crave nothing.

Like a beautiful flower, I look to the sun and take from the earth only what sustains me.

When all others join me, the illusion is paradise.


Why is a flower beautiful? To support the bees.

Why are there bees? To support the humans.

Everything is here to support something else.

We are here to be sweet, harmonious chords in the magnificent, symphonic song of universal life.

(we are here to be beautiful flowers in the magificent, abundant garden of Mother Nature)

We are told by those who know, that song is Aum.

(we are told by those who know, that garden is Eden)

Why does Aum exist? Why not?

(why does Eden exist? why not?)

To have non-existence, there must also be existence.

(existence supports non-existence)

That is why we are here

To be.


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