Have Courage, Dwell in Love

Many ancient texts are claimed to be inspired.  Inspired, in-spirited, in other words, a spirit came over the authors, is it “God”?  They  say God is Love. God is Good. If you are overcome by Love of humanity to share insights and to direct your efforts towards good, that is God spirit, and that is inspired.

Within goodness and love is a supreme, universal  & natural intelligence (some call God).  We know, without testing, that if everyone operated out of true intentional love, and true goodness, society would function smoothly. Humanity would live harmoniously with themselves and with the earth. We know it, yet we don’t do it.

We have access to this supernatural, ultimately supreme, intelligence thru the gates of love and goodness, yet we fear to walk it. Because at this moment fear is our biggest impediment and in fact our ultimate enemy. If Love and Goodness are God spirit. Fear & Hatred is Devil spirit. Indeed, fear is like a mythical dragon, harboured in our thoughts, which becomes real when fed…and it has been fed for centuries, we feed it constantly–thru religion, thru the media, thru all kinds of historical and preconceived notions in our culture and families.We need to be careful not to feed this dragon.

Be aware of what you fill your mind with, what you watch, read and believe.  Furthermore, practicing disassociation from our thoughts enables us to overcome fear; allowing us to dwell in the peaceful & present being of our hearts; to feel intentional love and make decisions which are good and right. We need to have no fear, to access the universal and ultimate intelligence which holds the answers. You don’t need to like everyone, you just have to be intentionally good, and seek to love humanity. If you consciously contemplate your decisions thru the filter of love you will not make wrong choices…

1st & most significant Yama in yoga:  “Ahimsa” Do no Harm (or in other words, “love all”)


Our Destiny

Meet me in Love and we will become one,

with peaceful freedom, commanded by ego no more.

A flower aware of its beauty, basking in the sun,

Taking only what is needed to stand with grace.

-Anita Rafidi



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