blossoming beautifully…

I can tell I wont be writing as much in the blog for the next few months with the start-up of the new season. But that’s okay, I will try to update weekly if I can…probably mostly with pictures.

In the last couple of weeks I started Yoga sutra class, and started back to kundalini dance and went to a 3 hour belly dance workshop.

I noticed belly dance benefited from the freedom & meditation in movement I gained in Kundalini class and I found an increased stamina, self esteem, confidence and concentration that I gained from hot yoga—I have this not-so-secret desire to be a great belly dancer—although I will be truly surprised if it happens because at this point I can do hip stuff, but my arms always look like I am milking a huge cow!

I am finding yoga sutra class to be too basic for me—I have done so much reading up on yoga and I was hoping for a little more intellectual challenge and more enlightening, One thing that was interesting was covering the sutra that says you have to stay with yoga…keep going…keep going…well, that struck me as a mantra that we have been using in business since we heard Donald Trump say it over and over on the apprentice.

The good thing about hearing it during class was the fact that my “massive awakening” feeling had just recently begun to subside, I thought perhaps it was because Kundalini class had ended and I hadn’t re-started yet, and that was helping me sustain that feeling…But last night in reading “Raja Yoga: conquering the internal nature” by Swami Vivekananda in which he covers the sutras…he explains that the feeling will go up and down, and that you just need to stick with it…that is the natural course to enlightenment. You must persevere.

…this past week I had to drag myself a little to go to yoga class, but I remembered this statement and believe it wholly. So I perservere.

There were many blessings that came our way this past 2 weeks, for one: we were really in need of money and We unexpectedly got paid-up for a wedding—just, when I thought all our resources had been tapped and wondered where the money would come from to pay for Yoga Sutra, Belly Dance, Waldorf School and general living…but, as we know, the universe is truly abundant and as long as the path is in your best interest, the universe will provide it—you attract it…anything that grows in nature, undisturbed by man– gets exactly what it needs to survive perfectly, and to blossom beautifully—amazing eh? I grow in nature too—so I get what i need to blossom!! nice.

The other blessings we received was the confirmation of new volunteer workers for the spring. Usually I do have quite a few lined up by now, and I did have some, but was feeling as if we needed more…the fact that we have been able to build this beautiful business is quite dependant on the fact that we have been totally blessed with amazing volunteer workers from all over the world for the past 7 years…they probably number into the hundreds by now…and to them I am eternally grateful, and hope that their life has been blessed for their good karmic works.

So there I was wondering when I would start to hear from more workers—because I do have faith that they will always come, just wondering when—and then I get two different emails, one from an older woman(65…she says, but she sure didn’t look it from the pictures) and one from a younger dutch gal of 31. Here are their mutual interests: yoga, sustainability, natural healing, reiki, massage and various body work, feng shui, organics…etc etc.

Now the other benefit of having an older woman is the fact that they hardly need to be asked to do the work—they just know what needs to be done –and do it—the other benefit, that we discovered last year with Anne (our first ever mature-worker) was that they serve as a temporary grandma figure for Ginger (who has none nearby) Ginger is a bit of a handful these days, I think she is a bit lonely, with Momma and Pappa working here at home leaving her to play or watch movies on her own…it nice that we are all together all winter, but we simply cannot spend all our time playing with her—and she needs more, next week she starts back to school—to Waldorf, hopefully this will help her feel more fulfilled, calm her down, and will allow her to build a relationship with her cousins who she doesn’t see much at all. Having the one-on-one with the workers will definitely help too—and then its BYEBYE tv and movies—hello sunshine & playtime!!

The other, younger Dutch worker 31 , is still mature enough that we have a good feeling about it…(there seems to be quite a difference in ability under/over 26 years old) And, get this, she is a social-pedagogue (teaching difficult, sensitive children….yeah!!!!) what better workers could we have asked for? I am loving this path…the path is good!!!


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