mind your mind

When we were born we had a brain, but only began to form our mind, which is a bundle of memories, programming, habits, and subsequently thoughts,  which we use to interpret stimulus.

Your mind is a slave to its upbringing.  Hence, your mind is considerably limited.

You need to know your deep-consciousness to understand that your mind is not the ultimate perfect interpreter that it pretends to be…sometimes we know this for a fact; you might have found yourself in a situation, where you say: “I don’t know where my mind was at, but…” “oh, I was just in one of those moods...” “to my mind it meant….” “I took it the wrong way…” these kind of statements usually follow a situation where you thought you understood the truth, but in fact your mind gave you a wrong message to act on….

Your mind actually does that ALL THE TIME!!

Your mind thinks, oh I should have a drink that will make me feel better. Then it doesn’t.

Your mind says, you can eat just that one little piece of cake, it wont hurt. Then you eat the whole.

Your mind says, a cigarette will calm me down–and it actually gives you a rush.

Your mind is a reactionary slave to all that it has experienced, and you are a slave to your mind–unless you practice yoga/meditation, and learn to detach from it.

Detachment from your mind is a powerful tool, that gives you superior clarity, calmness and ultimately self-control & happiness.


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