Magic Stardust sprinkled down on us…

What is Yoga?

It is a system of self-improvement, by which you improve not only your own character, but also your surrounding circumstances and  it also exerts a great influence on the behavior of the individuals around you. It allows you, yourself, to be the most powerful influence on the course of your life and subsequent happiness—it is forcefully taking the reins of the wild horses of your brain!!

It is a proven science. It is simply a series of practices that if you adhere to will bring you peace of mind, clarity and bliss. The main key to yoga is meditation…with the endeavor to meditate, naturally comes a deep observation of the mind…you can’t help but notice how harried the mind is when you attempt to meditate ( to clear the mind and just be consciousness, without thinking….)

Yoga postures, classically were introduced to help the adherent be able to sit in meditation and are considered but a thin slice of the Yoga Pie—I personally believe this is a limited perspective on postures (and on meditation) I see the postures themselves as an opportunity to meditated, and to teach me how to keep the skill of meditation throughout  the movements of my day.

I can meditate lying down, sitting in a car, anywhere…I can use the skills of clearing my mind from habituated thought processes, when I am confronted with a challenge–like an uncalled-for, negatively-charged, interaction with my husband.   Instead of immediately being sucked into a battle, with my meditative practice (hot yoga asana, meditation & studies) I have now learned to take pause, recognize my habituated response rising in me…and then with a clarity of thought unbeknownst to me before, I can respond in a new way that circumvents the arising problem and diffuses & disarms my husband.

This has been revolutionary.

Without a doubt, it has  saved our marriage. Paul and I were on a course bent on destruction. Both of us habituated to treating each other unkindly, both of us habituated to interpreting all interactions as a struggle for power. Neither of us truly living in the moment…when you jump down somebody’s throat over a simple statement–your response is not based on what they just said (in the present) it is based on your memory of past events–your habituated interpretation, and subsequent response proves how your feeble and distracted mind is unable to stay connected to the present moment….it takes practice to break this habit.

Yoga is that practice.

Yoga is magic star dust that has sprinkled down on our house, and into our bodies. Finding one’s centre is truly an amazing experience, it makes your heart rush as you feel an personal strength and invincibility that can only come by feeling that you finally know how it all works—you have figured out how to live life; how to escape the stuff that causes you misery, how to live much closer to perfection than you ever thought possible. It is fully energizing, enlightening, and totally, unbelievably, believable.


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