2012 Shiva/Shakti World Dance Phenomena

FIRST LET ME STATE THAT throughout this entry I HAVE SHAMELESSLY COPIED TEXT FROM VARIOUS WEBSITES WITHOUT DUE CREDIT; however I believe the folks writing this information are more interested in the betterment of society rather than their own “glory”  and they will forgive me….

So I started the 2012 Shiva/Shakti World Dance Phenomenon facebook group. In hopes of getting the world to rally around one date as a marker… to build upon the positive momentum that I sense already exists… centered around the cosmic shift that will occur on winter solstice 2012; I want to motivate all intelligent and conscious people to create a new world thru pure desire, manifestation and  optimism–and to dance an old world into destruction and a new world into creation like Shiva–we have 3 yrs to work up to it…people can become more informed, and try to make their individual lives better in the meantime…I want to help usher in the “golden era” for humanity & I invite all of you to to the same….enough of this crap already.

So as always lately, the universe speaks to me.

I receive a “present reminder” (from Eckart Tolle)  which arrived to my email just after setting up the facebook group:

It’s your state of consciousness in the present moment that determines what kind of world you create, because you are humanity.

Humanity as an abstract doesn’t exist; humanity is the ‘human being.’

“you are humanity”….YOU create the world we live in.

I haven’t gotten too much from these present reminders usually, but this one really hit home.

So let me explain more about Shiva World Dance Phenomena:

2012 is a fissure in global-consciousness — truly a golden opportunity!

The significance in this date, is that it is already significant—many, many people, in many different cultures, in touch with many different types of spirituality consider this date to point to a huge change in the world.

A minority believe cataclysmic, while most believe it marks the dawn of a better world, a golden age for humanity.

I propose that we all take the optimistic approach and put our hearts & energy to the task of making sure it that it does mark a positive change for humanity.

What better time to do it?  The date has been pre-selected by our ancestors–perhaps they knew we would need an actual expiry date for the current destructive human lifestyle.

So here’s a huge opportunity, in our lifetime. To leave a legacy of optimism for our children to carry on, a renewed faith in mankind to create a world of peace, health, abundance and bliss. To start fixing all that we have broken, to begin to live in harmony with our natural environment, our home, the earth and each other.

To make this happen, we need to have as many people thinking and acting optimistically–after all, most people know that optimism is ultimately the key to success!

On 2012, winter solstice at a coordinated time, worldwide, we will dance, a dance of creation, a dance to activate the positive energies of every sentient being; a dance to free the mind, body and soul from this old way of life; a dance to create a new reality!!!

Everyone will dance their heart out, dance like it means the world, dance like no one is watching–dance as if your life and every child’s life depended on it…lets raise our spirits together and activate a change!  A real change.

Spiritual dancing is a cross cultural phenomenon, a testament to its power and authenticity. Cultures from every continent on this planet simultaneously embraced unique dance forms. Purpose in dancing is to `enter the consciousness’ or `become the spirit’. Dance rituals Connect us to spirit and empower us with abilities such as courage and compassion, as well as reveal insights into the future. Trance dance, an ancient shamanic practice, is a healing vehicle through which people can commune with their Spirit.
Dance could be seen as a moving prayer and a doorway to the soul or `spirit within’ and if you dance into the state of ecstatic trance you will connect completely to the healing powers of (your divine)….funny enough dancing usually scares the pants off religious fundamentalists!!!   Go figure.

shiva with fire

shiva's dance of destruction and creation

Shakti feminine creative-energy personified

Shiva Nataraja’s dance activates dormant vital energy (kundalini shakti) and
becomes an act of both creation, symbolized by the upper right hand
holding a drum, and destruction, represented by the flame held by the
upper left hand.

The lower right hand is in the abhaya mudra position,
bestowing peace and protection. The second left hand points downward
to the uplifted left foot, signifying release.

The right foot, planted
on the prostrate body of Apasmara Purusha, the demon of forgetfulness,
symbolizes human ignorance of our divine nature.

A ring of flames and
light arises from and surrounds the dancer, representing the purifying
power of the dance.

Nataraja’s face, meanwhile, remains calm, quietly
witnessing the tremendous display of his own energy with just the hint
of a smile.

Some interesting science that confirms what ancients already knew–which just goes to show how in touch they really were:


Dr Fritjof Capra, PhD (Austrian born American physicist)author of the famous book The Tao of Physics,  has explained about Shiva Nataraja thus:

“In contrast to the mechanistic view of classical Western science, the Eastern view could be called an organic, holistic, or ecological view.
To eastern Mystics, objects have a fluid and ever-changing character. Change and transformation, flow and movement, play an essential role in their world view. The cosmos is seen as one inseparable reality, forever in motion. It is alive, organic, spiritual and material at the same time. A very similar view is now emerging from modern physics.”

He explains Shiva Nataraja’s dance: “Modern physics pictures matter, not as passive and inert, but as continuously dancing and vibrating. This is very much like the Eastern mystics description of the world. Both emphasize that the universe has to be grasped dynamically. It structures are not static, rigid ones, but should be seen in terms of dynamic equilibrium.

“Physicists speak of the continuous dance of sub-atomic matter which goes on all the time. They have actually used the words ‘dance of creation and destruction’ or ‘energy dance’. This naturally comes to mind when you see some of the pictures of particles taken by physicists in their bubble chambers.

Of course, physicists are not the only one talking about this cosmic dance. Perhaps the most beautiful example of this metaphor exists in Hinduism – the idea of the dancing Lord Siva. Siva is the personification of the cosmic dance. According to Indian tradition, all life is a rhythmic interplay of death and birth, of creation and destruction.

Indian artists have created beautiful pictures and statues of dancing Lord Siva. These statues are visual images of the cosmic dance, and so are the bubble chamber tracks photographed by modern physicists. They are a modern version of the dance of Siva obtained by using the most modern and advanced of our Western technological instruments. To me, the effect is as beautiful and as profound as the magnificent Hindu statues. In both cases, we are picturing an eternal dance of creation and destruction, which is the basis of all natural phenomena, the basis of all existence. Therefore, I have put the two together – here you have the ‘Dance of Siva’ merging the 12th and 20th century versions. You can see that this image of the cosmic dance unifies, in a very beautiful way, ancient mythology, religious art, mystical insight and modern science.”

The figure Dr Capra shows is an astonishing one. The dance of Nataraja and the dance of atomic particles are identical. One has to see it to believe.

Amazing eh? those yogis…just goes to show you how much smarter you become when you meditate!!

By the way, scientifically, astronomers have shown that our sun and planet will be in perfect alignment with the center of the Milky Way in December of 2012.

Here are a few of the other cultural beliefs surrounding 2012–that I have picked up from the internet:

The Hopi predict a 25-year period of purification followed by End of Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth. • Mayans call it the ‘end days’. • Maoris say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds in 2012. (See the entire legend in the right column) • Zulus believe that the whole world will be turned upside down. • Hindus Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kali & critical mass of Enlightened Ones. • Incas call it the ‘Age of Meeting Ourselves Again’. • Aztecs call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation and creation of new race. • Dogon say that a spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star • Pueblo acknowledge the emergence into the Fifth World • The Cherokee calendar ends at 2012. • Tibetan Kalachakra teachings left by Buddha predict the Coming of the Golden Age. • The Egyptian Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle also ends in 2012.

and then I read this in regards to cultural stories about the end in 2012…

These stories have been recorded in Hindu temples, Mayan temples and the most revealing of all temples; the Hathor temple in Denderah, Egypt with its circular and rectangular zodiacs perfectly inscribed in stone preserved to function as a guide for the hero to pass through heaven’s gate or as Ananda Coomarswamy expresses, the “Sun Doors.”

Is it a co-oincidence that I re-named our business “Sun Lotus” and that one aspect of our logo that I immediately loved so much was that it appears to me to be a gate/doorway with stepped threshold that leads you to the sun?

I almost named it “White Lotus” but a very intuitive “psychic” gal told me that she saw something more colorful…like “Golden Lotus”…that sounded like a Chinese restaurant, but I could see what she meant,  and eventually Sun Lotus came to me, and I knew it was perfect–and so did Paul!

I loved that it looks like a doorway to the sun…our logo

Here is something I found about collective consciousness on the web…actually this guys site is so good, I suggest you check it out!

here is the link: (its long)


there is a growing realization on the direct link between collective consciousness and the physical world around us during extraordinary events”. I had explained in detail as to how from subatomic particles to individual brains to groups of brains emerge global consciousness and we all can potentially affect collective mindset of mankind or we may say the global consciousness. Experiments have shown that human consciousness can make the string of random numbers slightly non-random or rather more orderly when people hold common intentions to do so, or when there is a special state of coherent group consciousness. This suggests a direct relationship between collective consciousness and the physical world around us during extraordinary human events. The nature of global consciousness suggests that we all have direct communication links with each other and our intentions can collectively have effects in the world despite physical barriers.

With this background in mind, it’s worth knowing that an extraordinary event took place on May 20, 2007 in which over one million people in more than 60 countries all over the world participated. The event was celebrated in a number of ways in countries such as Argentina, Germany, Japan, India, Australia and the U.S. This event focused first of all on large gatherings with several hundreds or thousands of people practiced meditating or praying at one location, this time, the organizers asked the participants to join the global prayer and meditation link individually or in smaller groups, creating a light-filled, harmonious and peaceful circle in their homes or outside in nature, to pray or meditate for the peace of the world. Following this mega-event, on December 22, 07 thousands of friends of peace again gathered in all continents, this time in order to greet the New Dawn of human consciousness, following the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The above events of massive gathering were jointly organized by the Global Peace Society and the Club of Budapest in order to promote the global mind-shift, the culture of peace and to help create a new era of humanity. The purpose was to create a world based on love and harmony, a world in which all different races, ethnic groups, religions, cultures, traditions and customs are respected, and in which every individual and every nation can freely express their individual qualities, while living in harmony with one another and with all life on Earth

I wonder if my current motivation hasn’t been sparked by this past event….

What is special about the Age of Aquarius is that not only is it a “good” Age, but it is also during this age that our solar system is going to be inside the photon belt. Every 10,684 years, our solar system enters this belt of photonic energy for a period of over 2100 years, usually during the Ages of Leo or Aquarius.

Most people feel the Age of Aquarius will bring about positive things for humanity.  Including a renewed connection to our only home, the Earth.  Earth-centered religions have enormous ground swells of interest.  Peoples from all over the globe are coming together to save a planet in jeopardy.  Interest in Spirituality is at an all time high.  Over the last few years, as organized Fundamentalist religions have reared their ugly heads, more and more people are turned off by the hatred and intolerance.  Seeking a return to spiritualism, instead of an extreme dogma written by madmen.  The New Age will guide us to more tolerance and compassion for our fellow human.  A pushing away of our hurried artificial time keeping and a return to cyclic calendar would better connect us to our planet, each other, and the universe.  The future looks bright in the Age of Aquarius.

If we can overcome the destructive forces of our instincts and behaviors, great things are going to happen for us all.  The possible futures are unknowable of course, but they need not be horrible.  We as individuals can influence the direction mankind will take.  Giving into a global shift of consciousness is the first step.  We all have a right to live on this planet, we all are of the same species, the Cosmos gave birth to us.  We must all learn to get along despite our differences.  We must see ourselves as the fragile oasis we are, against the infinite universe.  And we must also understand we are a part of that infinite universe.  A mere dot, or thread perhaps, but an important part of it none the less.  If we realize we are part of the cosmos, we can tune into the cosmos. Becoming a vessel for cosmic energy.  This energy will transform us in ways we cannot imagine.

Our growing global awareness will only magnify though the coming century.  As each culture becomes more aware of each other through the use of technologies such as TV, Radio, Cell Phones, Satellites, Computers, Internet etc., we naturally can expect to become more aware of our similarities instead of our differences.  This results in more understanding for the overall human condition.  We start thinking globally instead just about ourselves and the same is happening around the world.  We begin to see our fragility on this tiny blue marble we call Earth, alone in the vastness of space.  A new global consciousness is currently begun.  Masses are in tune with each other.  Something is awakening in humanity as never before.  Billions sense something is about to happen, but don’t know what it is.  Were the Mayan’s right? Are we about to enter the Golden Age of humanity?

The Ancients adored the Earth and Stars! They worshiped them. They were in touch with rhythms of life. They felt the divine everywhere. But we have lost our way. We have strayed from the rhythmic connection.  We became enamored and blinded by men who profess to know the mind of god. Men who made Mother Earth into a nothingness, to be used and abused.  Men who traded science, observation, and reason, for supernatural superstition. We must let go of our arcane superstitious book religions.  These only serve to put hatred in our hearts for those who don’t believe as we do.  They only serve to give the leaders of these book religions power and wealth.  We must start protecting the planet as we would our own children, it’s the only home we’ve got, and the only home we can leave our children.  We must start to revere our Earth as we would our own Mothers, because she is in fact the Mother of all of us.  We must re-connect with the rhythms of the Cosmos. We need to seek our divinity, not in a book, but in the Stars & Universe of which we are made from.  The Cosmos holds all the answers humanity is seeking, we just need to plug in! But connecting to it is our greatest challenge.

What can you do to connect?  Pay attention to what’s going on in the world. Really look at it. Get a fresh perspective.  Get your news from a non-corporate source, find out what they’re not telling you.  Ask yourself how you fit in the scheme of things, how can I participate in the human experience?  Perhaps just taking the small step of getting involved in anything constructive is a possible start.  Start recycling!  Start embracing Science!  Let go of ridiculous stereotypes!  Connect to people of a different race, or religion, or culture!  Talk to your fellow humans in a real way, not a superficial way! Shut off the TV once in awhile, freeing yourself from the corporate & government propaganda! Do you really need to know what Britney Spears is up to, or the latest game scores? Go sit alone in the woods for a hour and just study your environment.  Notice the patterns of the bark on the trees, the shape of the leaves.  Look at the living Earth all around you, the plants and animals are connected to you.  You are them, they are you.  We are all part of the same living system.  Don’t look for divinity in a book written by madmen.  Look for it in yourself, its there waiting for you to discover it!  Your cells know it’s there, help your mind see it too.  The universal memory can show you the divine.  Your very atoms hold the essence of creation, we are born from stardust.  Get in touch with them, for they hold the secrets of the Cosmos. Trust the Mayans and other ancient peoples who knew divinity, let them help you boldly step into the Age of Aquarius connected to the cosmic divine!

Now is the time to be thinking where you want to be in December of 2012, and who you want to be with. This is not like 1999. It will not be a huge global drinking party. This is all about the transformation of us, as individuals and the human race as a whole. Tap into your innermost feelings.

Our advice: Keep an open mind and continue to work on every aspect of your spiritual self, starting with letting go of fear and of “things”. Then no one can control you or hold you back.

MY ADVICE: work on your spiritual self  (do yoga and learn about your internal power), and work on your material self  (living better-greener, kinder, consciously)…learn how to open up your energy thru dancing and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE join the SHIVA/SHAKTI WORLD DANCE PHENOMENA!! DESTROY, CREATE & CELEBRATE….

join the group… and commit to changing your mindset–then lets change the world!!!  Dec 21, 2012



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