how yoga teaches me what i need to know

So on my way to hot yoga today, I was thinking about a certain yoga practitioner who has her own website. She had collected pictures of her postures since 2oo2 and you can really see her improvements over the last 8 years of practice (I used to practice with her in Victoria in 2003–and she was amazing back then!)

It really made me realize that you can always do better with practice—and the prevailing philosophy of yoga: to perfect the form before the depth, is all important…the depth will come in time; and then it will be perfect.

This reminded me of all of humanities growths and developments…we always want the depth, before the perfect form is achieved…hence we overproduce crap at the expense of the globe and our health, instead of perfecting our means of extraction or production and then expanding…

EG: If only we worked on ways to perfect the manufacturing & extraction of wood products—before we completely annihilate the forests–then we could grow with that production in a way that was not harmful to the environment…if only we, as a society had spent the time to create the perfect natural products for cleaning, rather than rushing to create more swiffers and magic erasers, bounce sheets, febreez’s, comets, etc etc….by now everyone would only have these perfect natural products.

work on the form, before the depth…..reminds me to perfect my little spheres, before I hope to expand further…

Lotutopia begins at home.

By the way, hot yoga was totally awesome today…I still  feel completely wonderful and yummy from it…I think I’ll go tomorrow too.

I would love to get as much in before my 42 birthday in about 12 days…Paul also starts back at it again tomorrow, after his 12 day hiatus from his little stint.

I read today about the crown chakra–since tomorrow I  have Kundalini dance class and thats the chakra we are addressing.  Apparently it usually opens between the ages of 42 and 49, I guess thats why I am writing this blog now.  Last year, you wouldn’t have known that I would be into all this–I was not the same person 1 year ago. I really have had a spiritual awakening…and this after having so many years of pent-up disdain  for spiritualism or anything of the like…

I really am different now. I totally understand now, I even have a new compassion for religious folks…as I know they are all just seeking yoga too.

Yoga= Uniting with the divine/oneness/cosmos/your god/however you define the greater energy that causes life….


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